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Dear Spendsetter,

Thank you for your interest in Coupa. We are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming your company as new Coupa customer. We wish to make contracting with Coupa as efficient as possible, so you can get started with creating real and measurable value on the Coupa Platform. We hope this guidance will assist you in better understanding the Coupa Platform and how to contract for your Coupa service. The capitalized terms used in this intro will have the same meaning prescribed to them in the Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”). The following guidance is provided for informational purposes only and will not form part of the contract being contemplated between the parties. 

●       What am I buying?

Coupa is a cloud based multi-tenancy B2B comprehensive business spend management (BSM) platform. On the Coupa Platform we do offer several different Hosted Applications and various geographic hosting locations available for you to choose from. Coupa’s suite of Hosted Applications helps you optimize your business spending from end to end. Because it’s a cloud-based solution, you can get up and running quickly. It also means that the service on the Coupa Platform is provided to all of our customers on a shared architecture, unified code base, common infrastructure and platform wide security policy. Because of these key elements, we can provide an easy to use, cost-effective service and your company can start realizing savings within weeks.

●       How do I contract with Coupa?

Coupa uses an Order Form (“Order Form”) and a Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”) to contract with customers for the Coupa services. Where required, we include additional documents such as a Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) to meet further legal requirements. As described herein, the Coupa delivery method is a multi-tenant “one-for-all” platform model. Our contract terms are specifically drafted to accommodate and describe the unique features of the Coupa service, including our “annually, in advance” pricing model, “auto-update train” service improvements, service & support levels, use of aggregate data, hosting on AWS/Azure services and the fact that we create a Coupa Community of “Spendsetters” together. We regularly review our contract terms based on customer feedback and aim to create a fair and balanced set of agreements based on industry accepted positions. We believe that our contract terms provide an easy to understand and fully transparent description of the service you receive from us. If you have questions about our terms and conditions or the Coupa business and delivery model, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.

●       Why can’t Coupa use my security terms / functional requirements?

We believe in the power and efficiency of a shared, multi-tenant solution for all our customers alike. Coupa operates under unified IT Security Policies on platform level, not specific to a customer instance. Setting up a customer specific requirements just for one instance does not compute and Coupa does not offer custom service offerings. On the other hand, our customers benefit from the unified platform approach, which also means that any update to our service and our policies will be available to all our customers alike. Coupa’s IT Security Policy (against which we are audited annually) apply to the service as it’s provided to all our customers. Our contracts accurately capture how the Coupa service works and how we provide security for the Coupa Platform. We are not able to entertain one-off customer product requirements or security exhibits that are written with other services or applications in mind, or too generically cover a wide array of services or applications.

●       How does Coupa protect my data?

We've created an information hub around Coupa's GDPR efforts at It has links to our Coupa GDPR White Paper, the Coupa Technical Whitepaper and to Coupa Security Policies on which outline the measures we're taking to keep customer data safe, including a list of our security certificates. Customers can obtain further information under

●       Why should I use Coupa's standard terms?

At Coupa we are focused on one thing: provide Value As a Service to you. Value is the quantifiable, measurable improvement that the Coupa Platform delivers. Please have in mind, no matter how strong your desire may be to redline our templates, at the end you will simply join the Coupa Community and receive a highly standardize service like many before and after you. Standardization of service, security and contracting is key to efficiency which powers value creation. Please allow us to provide value to you as fast and as efficient as possible.

How We Contract

The Coupa way of contracting is simple and based on a modular approach as follows:

  • Order Form - the Order Form contains the details of the subscription, including scope of Hosted Applications, Subscription Term, Subscription Fees and Payment Terms.
  • Master Subscription Agreement with Exhibit A and Exhibit B - these terms form the basis of contractual promise and are activated via an Order Form.
  • Solution Specific Terms - these terms complete the overall agreement if and when needed for a specific solution.

In order to create a binding contract, Coupa and you will execute an Order Form which includes all other applicable terms by reference.


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