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Contingent Workforce Advanced Design Considerations

The following table highlights key design areas related to designing a customer's contingent workforce solution.

The articles contained assumes that the reader is familiar with the features and functions. As such, it does not describe how to configure / use a feature. Instead it covers the considerations to take into account when designing a solution, based on the current capabilities of the product.


Program Requisition SOW Approvals Candidate and Onboarding CW Management Timesheet, Expense, and Invoicing Integrations
MSP – Supplier Funded Regular Requisition Time & Material Integration Driven Conditions Onboarding Asset Extension Timesheet (UI)

Chart of Account

MSP – Client Funded Identified Candidate Requisition Fixed Price Master Data Driven Conditions Onboarding Training Rate Change Timesheet (Import) Master Data
Client - Self Managed

Headcount Tracking

  Functional Groups Onboarding Compliance Admin Updates Pay Code Client User
Unified Customer Direct Fill   Hierarchial Onboarding Documents Tenure Expense SSO

Stand-alone Customer

    Spend Limit Onboarding Conditions Termination CCW Batch/Payment Advice CW Info
      COA Driven     Core Ok2Pay

CW External Reference ID

            Sales Tax Payment Advice
              Purchase Order
              Risk Aware
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