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Core Integration Design Considerations

The following table highlights key design areas related to designing the Core Integrations, which covers the Inbound and Outbound integrations.


Integration Type Considerations


Users Invoices Budget Lines
Suppliers Receipts (Inventory Transactions) Budget Periods
Supplier Sites Advance Ship Notices Projects
Lookup Values Invoice Payments Tasks
Exchange Rates Expense Payments Commodities
Commodities Items Contracts
Remit-To Addresses Supplier Items Departments
Ship-To Addresses Expense Import User Mappings Payables::External::Payable
Requisitions Expense Corporate Card  
External Purchase Orders Account Validation Rules  


Requisitions Receipts (Inventory Transactions) Projects
Purchase Orders Advance Ship Notices Login
Invoices Ok2Pay Contracts Accrual Report
Expense Reports Ok2pay Easy Form Responses Items/Supplier Items
CoupaPay Invoice Payments Call Outs Approvals
CoupaPay Expense Payments Process Automator  
Charges Users  
Statements Suppliers  
Pay Invoices (Dynamic Discounting) Ship-To Addresses  
Supplier Information Remit-To Addresses  


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