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Global Rollout Considerations

Global Rollout Considerations

Main consideration areas when rolling out Coupa in multiple countries:

Level of harmonization of the procurement business process

This needs to be considered as part of the core model definition, agreeing beforehand on the level of top-down mandate that you are going to impose vs how much "freedom" you want to give to the individual BUs/countries that you are going to deploy to. Less harmonization needs to be countered, of course, with a higher change management effort. Typical elements include: financial approval levels, approval logic (e.g. some countries using cost center approval and others management hierarchy), procurement involvement for non-catalog requisitions, different Sourcing templates, different processes for initiating Sourcing events, process for negotiating contracts

Similar discussion for the AP process

With the main elements being treatment of non-PO invoices (no PO-no pay policies?), willingness/ability to act on early payment discounts, electronic invoicing situation and how that's going to impact the supplier enablement messaging in the various countries

Integrated Systems

Are there additional backends in scope, and how do they fit in the overall integration landscape? Are there additional external systems only used in some of the new countries? A good example would be a specialist system where the purchase need is generated, which then interfaces to Coupa and creates a PR (ex. work order management systems; users don't touch Coupa, they enter their very specific needs in an external system which then interfaces into Coupa)

Master data management in the various countries

Does the company use the same sources of truth for their users and accounting data globally? Are there multiple systems, perhaps even different ERP brands that feed this data to Coupa? Some of this data might be maintained manually somewhere today, how are you going to deal with it once Coupa is rolled out everywhere?

True regional legal requirements

Tax compliance is often cited as one of the key elements to consider for your localization; while it must absolutely be reviewed as part of the overall process, the reality of things is that Coupa is not really a tax calculation engine anyhow, so this boils down to configuration and process anywhere. More poignant examples could be: content/language of the PO layout (think dual English/French for Canada), specific custom fields/submission blockers for information that must be collected in some countries

Support governance and structure across the various countries

The customer needs to think about a L1 structure capable of supporting the application globally, which can be a mix of super-users in the individual regions, as well as centralized Coupa Admins responsible for interacting with Coupa Support when necessary

Implementation Support Required

Lastly, what is the level of support that they will need from the System Integrator in rolling out to the additional countries? Some customers choose to cut costs and use internal resources for this (if they have the know-how), others decide to rely on the partner for the whole duration of the deployment




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