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CLM Advanced Design Considerations

The following table highlights key design areas related to designing the Contract Lifecycle Management solution within CLM Advanced.

The articles contained assumes that the reader is familiar with the features and functions. As such, it does not describe how to configure / use a feature. Instead it covers the considerations to take into account when designing a solution, based on the current capabilities of the product.

Interface Permissions & Structure Business Process Design Feature Configuration Data Architecture Authoring Migration Reports Clause Library Integrations
Site Dashlets Permissions Scheme Intake Contract Statuses Lifecycle Data for Contract Generation Template structure & grouping Migration Strategy Standard Reports Clause Library Analysis DocuSign


Site Structure Contract Creation Workflows Data for Reporting Template specification Legacy Import Bespoke Reports Clause Authoring AdobeSign
  User Roles Contract Capture Compliance Manager Data for Contract Management Template configuration Legacy Data / Structure Transformation Extract Transform Load (ETL)   Standard Authoring Data Sources
  User Groups Collaboration / Preliminary Approvals MS Word Add-in Data for Search Bespoke Template Data Types Scripted Import Contract Search   Custom Integration Data Sources
  Bulk import & Configuration Negotiation Approach Entity Manager UCM Mapping         Custom Integration Data Sinks
  User Administration (movers/leavers/joiners) Approval Smart Extract Custom Data Fields         APIs
    Signature workflow Mass Actions            
    Quality Assurance / Final Capture              
    Operationalization / Activation              
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