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Bulk Import and Configuration


With regards to User Administration, CLMA is not yet seamlessly integrated with the core platform, resulting in separate user accounts for CLMA and core. When a core user attempts to navigate to CLMA functionality, a user account will be created ‘just-in-time’, however this account will have no User Group membership, and as a result, will not be able to perform any activities in CLMA.

To avoid this user experience, it is strongly recommended to pre-load all the licensed users into CLMA and configure them accordingly. This is possible via API. (Please note a similar process is recommended for ongoing User Administration.)

Design Options

It is possible for an Administrator to manually create user accounts, however for large volumes, the recommendation is to create the users via API. Please refer to the section for more information on this.

The preparation of the data will still be required, regardless of the method of creation chosen. In a nutshell, the two main components to gather are:

  • User Account details: Username, First name, Surname and email address. 
  • User Group membership: a listing of groups the user needs to be a member of to ensure they receive the correct permissions for their role


  • Ensure that the Username specified is an exact match to the username for the core platform. If not, the user will have a second account created when they navigate to CLMA.
  • Users involved in review/approval of contracts will have workflow tasks assigned to them. To complete a task, they will need to log into CLMA to do so. As such, ensure that all such approvers are also part of the list of user accounts created in advance

Things to avoid

  • Do not give administrators access to all user groups by default. By definition they can perform most functions, and what they cannot, they can give themselves access to do so. Having a user part of a parent group and then again part of a child group only leads to confusion.
  • Avoid loading all the users at the start of the project, especially into the lower environments. By the time the project will go-live, there will have been changes in the users/department structure. If you load it too early, you’re likely to just have to repeat the data preparation closer to go-live.
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