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Data for Search


The following sections also relate to data. Please consider the holistic data requirement when designing the data model:

CLMA Search is done using a combination of full-text search as well as data points related to Contract Management. In addition, there is the Advanced Search feature which enables ad-hoc reporting type capabilities. In this section the focus will be on the latter.

The Advanced Search feature allows a user to select which data points they wish to display / search on, as well as being able to apply filters to these fields. The results are displayed in tabular form and can be exported to MS Excel.

As such, it is important when designing the ‘Data for Contract Management’, that time is also spent to double check the fields that users will be using to search for contracts and extend the data model to include them.

Scoping Questions

When trying to find a contract, how do you do this? Search by name? Narrow by region / contract type / contract owner? Etc.

Design Options

There aren’t many options by way of design. It’s really just making sure you’ve considered what data points may be required to support searching.


Advanced Search currently only reports at the top contract level (i.e. not amendments, etc.). Refer to Bespoke Reports if there is a need to report on amendment level data.

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