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Entity Manager


Entity Manager is a feature that is used to manage Legal Entity details. These can be for the customer’s own entities, their counterparty entities or both.

In addition to address details, it allows for storing various ID numbers and aliases. It is also possible to map relationships between entities, such as a parent entity with its affiliates. It is also possible to configure custom fields in Entity Manager

The primary use case is for customers who do no already have a system for managing their entity data. As such, this is an optional feature.

Scoping Questions

  1. How are your entities stored today? Does this include both your own and counterparty entities?
  2. How many entities do you have?
  3. What information / data points are stored against each entity?

Design Options

The first question is whether to use Entity Manager at all. Supplier records can be obtained from Coupa Core Supplier table. Does it still make sense to manage other entities through Entity Manager?

Assuming it does, the next question is whether to use it for both the customer as well as the counterparty entities.

Lastly, the set of data to capture against each entity needs to be agreed. (Please note - it is possible to add additional custom fields to entity manager records.)

At this point, further consideration is around the method that will be used to populate Entity Manager. Options include:

  • Manual entry
  • Bulk upload from spreadsheet
  • Upload via API

Further design options relate to how the Contract Template will query Entity Manager. Please refer to for more information on this topic.


  • You cannot import / export Entities from one environment to another. That said, it is possible to bulk import from a spreadsheet. As such, ensure that you maintain the upload spreadsheet during implementation to enable you to use this whenever entities need to be uploaded into higher environments
  • You cannot use workflow to manage review/approval processes pertaining to entity creation/modification. Workflow is strictly used related to reviewing/approving of contract documents
  • It is not possible to report on entity data
  • When using Smart Extract, there is no check to validate against Entity Manager records.
  • Entity Manager currently does not have a duplicate check function to prevent the creation of multiple of the same entity. Entity records will always be unique because of their auto-generated record ID, but the rest of the data could be duplicated
  • The unique entity ID is auto assigned and can never be changed
  • Updating records in EM does not update existing contract records retrospectively

Things to avoid

  • If there is already a system of record for entities, avoid using Entity Manager as this just duplicates data. It is better to obtain the relevant data directly from the system of record.
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