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The Intake process takes place in organizations where the business user needs to request another area (typically legal) to draft a contract. This normally involves a form of some kind that is completed, to provide the drafting department with the information needed to draft the contract.

Scoping Questions

  • What is the process for drafting a contract? Does a request get made to Legal? If so, how does this work?
  • What information needs to be supplied before a contract can be drafted?

Design Options

In Coupa Core, the Intake form is created using either the OOTB Request Form, or a custom form, depending on the fields that need to be completed. Please refer to Custom Forms for more information.

It is possible to include an approval workflow on forms, so if required, the form can be validated / approved prior to being submitted to the drafting department.

From a best practice standpoint, it is actually better to provide a ‘Self-Serve’ approach to contract drafting, by designing the contract templates such that it only allows for the inclusion of pre-approved language, thereby making the process more efficient all round. That said, it is acknowledged that not all organisations are ready to move to this model.


  1. To make form data available/accessible via API, the data fields need to be built based on a custom object. 
  2. When providing details of the counterparty, there may be times when the counterparty does not yet exist in the ERP/supplier management system (e.g. NDA). The form needs to be able to cater for this scenario.
  3. Different contracts may require different information (e.g. buy-side contract vs an agency & distribution agreement). As such, multiple forms may be required depending on the contract type
  4. The requester might not always know what contract is required. It may be required to supplement the form with a document/similar that has a basic decision tree structure that will help them determine which contract to request.
  5. If approvals are required, consider the approval chain. Is it just line manager approval? Or does the request need to go to another department? Consider whether the approval hierarchy can be obtained based on the same rules that will govern other workflow approval chains.

Things to avoid

  1. Avoid designing the contract type decision tree into the Intake form
  2. CLMA Request Manager - this is no longer supported
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