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Operationalization / Activation


Activating a contract in the system is the method by which to flag that it is fully executed and the data is correct. From this point forward, the contract cannot be changed except through creating an Amendment.

For buy-side contracts, activation will also involve Operationalization. These contracts can be published after which it is possible to track spend against the contract.

Scoping Questions

  • Which contracts being automated are buy-side contracts?

Design Options

The first design option pertains to whether the contract needs to be operationalized. This is only applicable to buy-side contracts, as it is only possible to purchase goods or services against these types of contracts.

The trigger for whether the contract will be operationalized is based on the data point ‘Contract Type’. By default if the value is set to “Buy-side”, then the contract will be Operationalized when set to active.

The second design option is whether such a contract auto-publishes, or is left in a ‘Completed’ status until a user manually publishes it. Spend is only tracked once the contract is published.

Unless there is a reason not to auto-publish (e.g. Supplier record needs to be updated following contract signature), the recommendation is to always auto-publish.


Some buy-side contracts do not need to be operationalized, e.g. zero-value Master/Framework agreements. Ensure that these contract types are issued a different value for ‘Contract Type’ to avoid the system attempting to operationalize them.

Things to avoid

When a contract with ‘Contract Type’ = “Buy-side” and it is active, the system will keep on attempting to operationalize it. If certain mandatory fields are missing/incorrect, the system will continue attempting this action. If enough contracts end up in this state, the continued attempts to operationalize will consume all the server resources and will result in performance issues or even with the server going offline.

Ensure the full end to end process has been tested before promoting new contract templates into the Production environment and put as many mitigations in place in the contract template to ensure the data set will always be complete prior to Activation.

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