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Site Dashlets


Site dashlets give you an overview of activity and content within a site. These dashlets let you carry out a range of actions on a site.

Scoping Questions

Questions for the site dashboard and dashlet design should be fairly straightforward.  There is limited capability to deviate from the standard configuration.  Some of the things that can be configured include the dashboard layout of the site and the dashlets to be displayed.  The ordering of the dashlets can also be configured.

Design Options

Site Dashboard Layouts Available include:

  • One column
  • Two columns: wide left, narrow right. *This is the default.
  • Two columns: narrow left, wide right.
  • Three columns: wide center
  • Four columns

Site Dashlets Available include:

  • My Contracts: Displays all Contracts the user has been working on across the Site in question. Allows filtering by Template Type / Contract Status. This is one of the Default Dashlets.
  • My Templates: Displays the Template Bank – a list of CLMA DocGen Templates which can be launched to create new Contract records in the system.  This is one of the Default Dashlets.
  • Site Activities: Shows all Site specific activities, such as content that has been added, edited, and deleted. Users can also see who is joining and leaving the Site.  This is one of the Default Dashlets.
  • Import Contracts: Allows users to upload third party / non CLMA generated Contracts and then trigger the Data Capture process for the agreement.  This is an alternative way to launch a contract templates for third party paper or contracts generated outside of CLMA.  However, note that you cannot use this to launch an Order interview only Master and Standalone agreement types.
  • Manage Site Permissions: Admin only. Instant access to the Site Permissions UI
  • Saved Search: With a configurable title, this Dashlet can display any items that are found as a result of a search across the Site e.g. documents that contain a specific wording or reference.
  • Site Links: Shows links relevant to this Site. The list is compiled by Site members. Clicking a link opens it in a new window.
  • Site Notice: Ability to add a message to the Site which is visible to all users with access to that Site – a notice or warning etc.

Note the Saved Search, Site Links, and Site Notice dashlets are not commonly used.  The Saved Search is not dynamic and is not particularly useful for searching purposes.  The preferred way to search would be the Contracts search or Advanced search


  1. Common configuration changes include changing the layout and ordering of the default dashlets.  Some clients prefer the My Templates dashlet to appear above the My Contracts dashlet.  Note that the configurations are manually applied and need to be reapplied to each newly created site and also from environment to environment.
  2. Site configuration has to be applied individually. If the design requires a 100 sites, then factor in the effort involved in needing to configure each site. Additionally, make sure you sign off the design before configuring to avoid unnecessarily needing to repeat the configuration.

Things to avoid

  1. It is not recommended to design around the Site pages, these are alfresco features that are not used as part of CLMA.  These site pages include:
    • Calendar
    • Wiki
    • Document Library - (this was part of older CLMA configurations but have since been removed.)
    • Discussions
    • Blog
    • Links
    • Data Lists
  2. Avoid using any other Site Theme aside from the default Application Set Theme.  The other themes are not supported as part of CLMA.
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