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User Administration


With regards to User Administration, CLMA is not yet seamlessly integrated with the core platform, resulting in separate user accounts for CLMA and core. When a core user attempts to navigate to CLMA functionality, a user account will be created ‘just-in-time’, however this account will have no User Group membership, and as a result, will not be able to perform any activities in CLMA. It is also worth noting that removing a user’s CLMA entitlement does not automatically mark the user as ‘Inactive’ in CLMA.

It is strongly recommended to manage the process of “movers / leavers / joiners” through the API, at least until such time as the user administration in CLMA is unified with that of core.

Design Options

It is possible for an Administrator to manually maintain user accounts, however for large volumes, the recommendation is to maintain the users via API. Please refer to the section for more information on this.

Linked to user administration is the need to reassign contracts from the current owner to a new owner (in the event the current owner moves on). To support this requirement, there is the ‘’ available to Administrators. This allows for contracts to be reassigned from one user to another.

Similar to the ‘Reassignment Tool’ there is a Mass Action that can reassign selected contracts in bulk.


  • The Reassignment Tool cannot be run through API. And although there is an API for Mass Actions, for this particular action it is probably easier to do through the UI
  • When managing the user group membership via API, it requires that the user group structure is known/replicated to some extent in whichever system will be calling the API
  • When a user uploads a document (e.g. drag and drop), he/she becomes the ‘Owner’ of that document by default. If the user’s permission to that site is changed, they will still retain “owner permissions” on that document, even if they cannot access the site it is stored in. This results in behaviour where the document may still come up in a Search result. The only way to remove “ownership permission” is to change the owner via ‘Edit Properties’ on the document, or through the Reassignment Tool.
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