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Invoicing Design Considerations

The following table highlights key design areas related to designing the Invoicing solution.

The articles contained assumes that the reader is familiar with the features and functions. As such, it does not describe how to configure / use a feature. Instead, it covers the considerations to take into account when designing a solution, based on the current capabilities of the product.

Presentation Document Type Channel Invoicing Tools Taxes Matching Approvals Exception Handling Payment Reporting

Buyer-Validated Compliance (Default Presentation)

PO-Backed Invoice


Custom Fields Tax Codes None


AP Hold

ERP (ACH / Check/ Wire)

Standard Reports

Coupa-Validated Compliance

Non-PO-Backed Invoice



Tax Code Rules


Self Approval

Pending Action

Purchasing Card Accrual Reporting

Override Tax Country (Buyer Presentation)

Contract-Backed Invoice


Remit-To Address

Tax References


Managerial Hierarchy

Pending Receipt

Pay Virtual Card

Accounts Payable Views

Countries In-Scope

Credit Notes

Invoice Smash

Payment Terms (Standard / Prox / Discount)

Multiple Tax Lines


Approval Escalation

On Hold

Pay Digital Payment (ACH / Digital Check)


Invoice Presentation Changes

  Paper / Invoice Inbox Commodities (Non-PO)

Withholding Tax

Invoice Tolerances

Static Approval Chains


Pay Early Payment (Static or Dynamic)

    Invoice Form

Category (Goods / Services)

Tax Engine (Native or Third-Party)


Dynamic Approval Chains Dispute    
    Invoice Bulk Loader Shipping / Handling / Misc. Shipping / Handling / Misc.   Booking Hold Void    
    External Invoice Integration Dispute Reasons       Abandon    


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