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Global Settings

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⭐Average number of approvers less than 5 ⚠️ 5-8 approvers works fine, but there’s a good chance it could use process reengineering. Are all those people actually needed?
⭐Less than 5 persons per approval group ⚠️ More than 5 users in an approval group
⭐Allow self-approval in management hierarchy for small $ amounts. ⚠️ Overusing submission blockers to catch every possible issue. 
⭐Submission blockers for a handful of hard stop conditions ⛔️ More than 9 approvers should be highly discouraged
⭐Submission warnings to flag potential issues for CSP suppliers  
⭐Always evaluate approval blockers to prevent non-compliant invoices from being fully approved  
⭐Recommended ⚠️ Risk ⛔️ Not Recommended

Management Hierarchy

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⭐Use consistent management hierarchy approval limit levels. For example, if there is a director who has an approval limit of $5,000. All directors should have $5,000 ⚠️ More than 5 management hierarchy levels
⭐Limit the hierarchy levels to 5 levels to reduce long approval chains ⚠️ Next approver blank for any of the users
⭐Each user should have a next approver so that there won't be a break in the approval escalation forcing invoices to route to the ultimate approver ⚠️ No self-approval in the management hierarchy
⭐If you're also using static and/or dynamic approvals alongside management hierarchy consider skilling middle approvers ⛔️ Not integrating users and next approver when there are over 500 active users
⭐If there are many users, greater than 250-500. For example, you integrate users from the HR system and also send their next approver  
⭐Recommended ⚠️ Risk ⛔️ Not Recommended

Static Approval Chains

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⭐0-500 approval chains  ⚠️ 0-20,000 approval chains per kind if they’re primarily account segment conditions using the “equals” operator and one value per condition (not multiple values per condition)
⭐Admin maintaining less than 200 approval chains ⚠️ Using the “contains” operator extensively slows down evaluation
⭐Approval chains consistently named ⚠️ If approval chains are proliferating (say, 1k+) because you’re attempting to model approval based on something that's not already modeled as an object in our system (say, a project or a cost center), consider using lookup-based dynamic approvers 
⭐Approval chains which will not change very often ⛔️ No integration when there are more than 500 approval chains
⭐A process in place to notify the admin to update approval chains if they are being manually maintained  
⭐Recommended ⚠️ Risk ⛔️ Not Recommended

Dynamic Approval Chains

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⭐Manually maintaining fewer than 100 approval chains ⚠️ Manually maintaining users tied to lookup values when they change frequently
⭐Consistent approval levels ⚠️ Inconsistent approval levels causing more approval chains
⭐Commodity approvers ⛔️ No integration to update approvers or approval groups on lookup values
⭐Cost center dynamic approvals where there is only one cost center per invoice ⛔️ More than one cost center per invoice when using cost center dynamic approvals
⭐Recommended ⚠️ Risk ⛔️ Not Recommended
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