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Buyer-Validated Compliance


Buyer Validated Compliance is where customers use the base Coupa Invoicing product (default template) and their AP team is responsible for ensuring that suppliers provide legally compliant invoices. Please note, invoice data provided via default template is just that, invoice data. The supplier is expected to provide the legal invoice along with the invoice data in such a scenario, in the US, or anywhere else.

More information can be found here.

Scoping Questions

  • Which countries will the customer be doing invoicing in? If US only, then likely buyer validated compliance will be the best option, but keep in mind doing so will require their AP team to touch each invoice to make sure the attached supplier's invoice matches the Coupa electronic invoice

Design Options

The requirements ultimately drive the design, however from a best practices perspective, aim to get as close to:

  • What is the volume of invoices?
  • Which channels will these invoices be received? 
  • How are they currently managing invoices from suppliers? 
  • Do they have a strong supplier enablement team to enable suppliers to send invoices electronically?


If the customer is doing invoicing outside of the U.S. then we strongly encourage them to use the Coupa compliant templates in available countries. 

Things to avoid


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