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Coupa-Validated Compliance (CaaS)


Coupa Validated Compliance utilizes the country-specific templates where Coupa is responsible for creating legally compliant invoices on behalf of the supplier. In this case, the supplier should not attach an invoice image, doing so would be a duplicate invoice which is illegal.

More information can be found here.

Scoping Questions

  • Which countries will the customer be doing invoicing in? If US only, then likely buyer validated compliance will be the best option.
  • Compare their list of countries to the available compliant templates. Use the compliant template in countries where it is available.
  • Are they doing invoicing in clearance countries? If yes, the effort is substantially higher in both supplier enablement, design and testing.

Design Options

The requirements ultimately drive the design, however from a best practices perspective, aim to get as close to:

  • It's very important to work with the local AP team to ensure they are involved in the process of setting up their invoice process and also following any internal processes they have.



Things to avoid


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