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Coupa Success Portal

Punch-Out Catalog

Use Cases

 Explain why this feature exists and how it can be used. Provide common scenarios and use case benefits. 



List out any configuration/design considerations that should be taken into account when defining the design. Include details on common mistakes, misconceptions, or things to look out for. 


Do's & Don'ts

List out the specific elements that are defined as part of this feature/function. For each provide the Coupa recommended design (best practice), alternatives that are acceptable, and risks. These should be styled in a yes/no format - where someone can understand and clearly state whether their design has that incorporated or does not. Try to remove any ambiguous language. Also list out the rationale for why we are making a recommendation or why risks are not viable. 

Design Element Recommended Design Alternatives Risks Rationale

Heat Map Assessment

 (heatmap descriptors remains the same for all) 

For this specific heatmap item articulate why the heatmap should be colored one way or another.

Some things may not be applicable for "Out of Scope" or "External Solution" - list N/A if that is the case. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 4.14.06 PM.png


Related Success Metrics and Value Drivers

List out relevant metrics/BVDs that this feature/design may have an impact on and any considerations that should be taken into account because of this. 


Additional References

 Provide links to other articles/content for configuration, technical information, or other details. 


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