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SIM Coupa Pay Implementation Best Practices

SIM & CoupaPay:

     SIM & CoupaPay are often implemented together. This document serves as a best practice recommendation of how to implement both products together. SIM (supplier information Management module) is used to collect a piece of important information from the suppliers. i.e., Supplier Payment Account

Objectives of Implementing SIM along with CoupaPay:

  • To understand how a supplier wants to get paid.
  • To collect payment-related information (for ex., if the supplier would provide a discount for early payments)

Supplier Payment Account sources:

  • Supplier provided on CSP (Smart onboarding form or Legal Entity Remit to setup)

  • Supplier provided on SIM (External SIM Form)

  • Bulk uploaded

  • User-created

  • Supplier requested by Community


Questions to the customer before implementing CoupaPay + SIM:

  1. Scope Questions: Is Invoice payments or Virtual Card on Invoice in Scope?
  2. Is SIM going to be the only mechanism to collect Supplier Payment Account information from Suppliers?
  3. Will remit-to-addresses be collected via SIM to be maintained / integrated in ERP?

Process Flow:




Implementation Best Practices:

The below guidance is only to be used if the customers are going to collect the payment related information via SIM form. 
If not, the smart-onboarding form should be ample to collect the supplier payment account information
  • The remit-to sub-form that is going to be used in External Form to receive remittance information from the supplier is advised to be designed as follows.
    • Create CUSTOM FIELDS  (Object: Supplier Information >> Remit To Address): Virtual Card Email address
    • Create CUSTOM FIELDS  (Object: Supplier Information >> Remit To Address): Digital Check Notification Email address
    • Create a question in the SIM Remit-to subform-> Payment Preference (Dropdown Options: ACH, Virtual Card, Digital Check)
    • Based on the response to the question above, expose fields. (If Virtual Card is chosen, expose Virtual Card related RTA information, if ACH is chosen, expose the Bank account-related information etc.)
    • Bank account information fields should be made “ReadOnly”. (Because editing the bank account information in SIM Remit-to form, does not edit the bank account information in Coupa)
    • Accommodate additional bank fields for International Suppliers (ex., IBAN, etc)

Approval Process Workflow:

  • External SIM form -> If Supplier Payment Accounts ( Bank Account or Virtual Card) is going to be created by the supplier via SIM form, then the information can be auto-approved
  • If AP is going to use ONLY the internal SIM form to populate supplier information on behalf of the supplier, then approval flow should receive an acknowledgment from the approvers that they created the SPA information manually.
  • If the CUSTOM FIELD "Digital Check Notification Email address" is filled, then the approval should route to a person who can create the Supplier Payment Account Manually. Since Digital Check SPA can only be created by a customer and not by the supplier.
  • If the CUSTOM FIELD "Virtual Card Email Address" is filled, then the approval should route to a person who can review the supplier payment account that got auto-created to edit the Invoice Payment Tolerance % and Expiration Days

Supplier Enablement 

  • Prepare a Supplier Enablement strategy and help documents based on the External SIM form that was designed by the customer.
  • Generic Supplier help documents are available which can be included on the External SIM form for Supplier to get self-educated.

AUTO-APPROVAL of SPA when associated SIM form is approved


  • External SIM form designed cannot have options AUTO-APPROVAL or AUTO-APPLY.
  • The Approval Chain for SIM form and SPA form should be one and the same. The group name, Users involved in SPA approval chain should also be involved in SIM approval chain
  • The Users should all have the permission / Role  (PAYMENT ACCOUNT APPROVER)

Nice to haves

  • Collect information from the supplier if they have additional processing charge on the Virtual Cards
  • Collect information from the supplier if they wish to provide you a discount if you are willing to pay early. (Static Discounting vs Dynamic Discounting)


Adding on CoupaPay after SIM Implementation:

If you are already live with SIM Forms for collecting the bank account information and other supplier information via SIM forms, please follow the below steps to make sure your SIM form works with CoupaPay.

  1. Decide whether you want to combine SIM & CoupaPay together. SIM and CoupaPay can very well co-exist without being together. 
  2. To leverage the Suite Synergy (CoupaPay & SIM), please answer the below questions to arrive at a design recommendation:
    • Does your procurement team currently approves the bank account information submitted by the vendors via SIM form? Do you want to segregate this approval as Procurement approving supplier information and Accounts Payable approving the bank-account specific information?
    • Is it ok to maintain CoupaPay as the Payment Source of Truth?
    • Are you currently only collecting bank account information via SIM?
    • Do you have separate Remit-to Forms collecting Domestic Account information and International Supplier Account information?

Upfront Load of Bank Account Information (if previously collected via SIM):

If the Supplier's bank account information was historically collected via SIM, the endpoint would have been either a third-party Payment System or ERP. If the bank account information was previously stored in ERP, then the best practice recommendation is to export the bank account information from ERP, manually change the format into Supplier Payment Account bulk load format, then perform a bulk upload of SPA.

If the Supplier's bank account information was stored in a third-party payment system and the system does not support the export of supplier payment account data, then the data can be exported from the SIM response provided previously by the supplier. SIM API can be used for this purpose. 

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