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Services Maestro Design Considerations

The following table highlights key design areas related to designing the Procurement solution.

The articles below assume that the reader is familiar with the features and functions. As such, it does not describe how to configure a feature but rather the considerations to take into account, best practice recommendations, and risks to avoid when designing a solution.

Create Request Proc. Tools Approve Request Create PO Transmit Order Receive Order External Spend Reporting
Punch-Out Catalog Commodities Self Approval Goods cXML ASN External PO Integration Standard Reports
Hosted Catalog Buying Policies Managerial Hierarchy Services Email/SAN Create Receipt External Requisition Integration Accrual Reporting

Free Form Request

UNSPSC Mapping Approval Escalation Contract Backed Prompt Receiving Tolerances External PO Changes Buyer Views
Requisition Line Form Sourcing (Limited) Static Approvals Blanket/Open CSP Inventory (Limited) Storefront Auditor Views (SG)
Order List Payment Agreements Dynamic Approvals PO Changes   Receipt Approvals External Receipts  
Open Buy UOM Buyer Action PO Template        
Advantage Shipping Terms Real Time Alerts (SG)          
Req Bulk Loader   Submission Blockers & Warnings          


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