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Supplier Payment Accounts Bulk Upload - Best Practices


To load the supplier payment accounts easier the document provides some tips and tricks


  1. Always download the latest template from the environment where you are trying to upload the SPA file (since the format of the file could change). Setup >> Supplier Payment Accounts >> Load from File >> Enter the 2FA code >> Download the template (Please note that the User trying to download the template should be a privileged User


  1. Do not use Microsoft Excel to open the Supplier Payment Account CSV file. Since the account numbers and routing numbers might contain leading zeroes which get missed because of formatting in Excel (Prefer Google Sheets over Microsoft Excel or be mindful of the column formatting in Excel)
  2. Follow the data validation rules as below.

Supplier Payment Account - Bank Account + Virtual Card Format

Legal Name The name of the Supplier as it appears on the invoice. This field is required for all payment types. For digital checks the legal name is used as the payee name on the check. 
Payee ID

Where all Payee ID values must map to the Supplier ID in Coupa, which is represented by NNN in the generic example above.

All the current Supplier ID values can be found at once by going to Suppliers > Export to then select either the CSV plain (template columns) or the CSV for Excel (template columns) and you will be mailed a CSV file of the current list of suppliers. Supplier ID values listed under the "ID" column in that file.

Supplier ID also appears at the end of the URL when the supplier detail page is shown. After clicking some supplier name, the URL will be: https://<your-instance>

Enable Coupa Pay For all payment methods, when you set Enable Coupa Pay to TRUE, True, true, or 1, then all approved incoming invoices for that supplier will go to the Coupa Invoices to Pay section instead of being transferred to a third party payment system. 

The Payment Method is set to "Virtual Card" when you want the supplier to receive a virtual card for an approved PO or invoice.

The Payment Method is set to "Bank Transfer" when you want the supplier to receive an ACH / Direct Debit payment

Payment Delivery Email

The virtual card payment details are sent to this payee email address.

Also, the Digital Check notifications are sent to this email address if the supplier is not already linked to the CSP.

Bank Account Country Country where the bank account is located in. This would be a two-digit country code.

If the country is the US or Canada, the State should be a two-digit internationally approved code. CANADA and UNITED STATES

If the country is other than the US or Canada, the State can be full text

Bank Account Currency Code

This is the currency in which the supplier accepts the payment. It is a three-digit code

If the Invoice is in a different currency than the Bank Account Currency Code, the Invoice cannot be paid via CoupaPay.

Bank Name Include Bank Name without any special characters like " or ' or - in the name.
Account Number Each country has its own Account number length. Please refer this document for the same. This is not required for SEPA countries or if IBAN is populated.
IBAN If the Country is SEPA related country, IBAN is required. 
Transit Code Type

If country is US and currency is USD, then Transit Code Type  = "Routing Number"

If country is CA and currency is CAD, then Transit Code Type  = "Routing Number"

If country is UK and currency is GBP , then Transit Code Type  = "Sort Code"

If country is AU and currency is AUD, then Transit Code Type  = "BSB Number"

If country is IN and currency is INR, then Transit Code Type  = "IFSC Code"

SWIFT Code SWIFT Code is necessary where payments are made in non-native currency. For ex., USD payment for a supplier located in the UK
Account Type Always "Company"
RemitTo Code Nominal value required for Supplier Payment Accounts that will pay for Invoices.  The Remit To Code value is defined for the supplier on the supplier Remit-To Address record at Setup > Suppliers > Remit To Code and that value must match the Supplier Payment Account. 
Document Types Value can be set to "Purchase Orders", or "Invoices", but it should not be set to both:  "Purchase Orders,Invoices". Selecting just one way to pay a supplier helps to reduce cases where double payment could be possible.

Virtual Card PO Payment Tolerance

Optional field overrides the percentage value to be added onto virtual cards. Enter the percentage as an integer. For example 2% becomes "2".

Virtual Card Invoice Payment Tolerance

Optional field overrides the percentage value to be added onto virtual cards. Enter the percentage as an integer. For example 2% becomes "2".



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