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Suppliers Master Data Source

ERP serves as source of master data that is integrated into Coupa to support transaction workflow (requisition-->purchase order--->receipt--->invoice).  Since transaction data integrates back to ERP for further processing after cycle completion in Coupa it is important that Coupa master data is in sync with ERP source to avoid any integration errors.  Suppliers is one of primary master data points that has ERP as source.  Below are some key points as to why ERP serves as originating source of master data:

  • Only a portion of ERP supplier fields are required in Coupa for transaction workflow.   These fields are identified during a mapping exercise between supplier records in ERP and Coupa.  
  • There is a primary ERP supplier identifier that is captured on inbound feed as Supplier Number in Coupa.   This allows Coupa to pass back this field on outbound transactions such purchase orders and invoices to tie them to appropriate master supplier in ERP.   This link is broken if new supplier is created directly in Coupa resulting in errored integration.
  • ERP supplier record will host financial based information that can be used for vendor management and payment purposes by downstream teams.  Such information is not needed in Coupa.
  • Supplier structure in ERP may be modeled differently in Coupa.   Coupa should not drive how suppliers are modeled in ERP.  ex.  Header supplier record with multiple supplier sites may need to be flattened out in Coupa to create separate supplier record for each site.
  •  There may be other systems that are dependent on supplier source data that is stored in ERP
  • If SIM is in the picture, the ERP supplier record will still remain as the source of master data. SIM records function only to be a vessel for collecting supplier information updates between internal users and suppliers. In most cases, when SIM details are approved, Coupa Supplier Record do not get updated directly as Coupa relies on the ERP to provide approved data. This maintains the synchronization of information between SIM, ERP, and the Coupa Supplier Record.

In summary ERP is source of supplier master data that should feed Coupa with pertinent data required for workflow and contains ERP record attributes to successfully integrate transaction data back to ERP after processed in Coupa.


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