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Banking: Diversified Service

This case study is about a diversified banking and financial services company that is a bank holding company. They needed to automate their intricate manual procurement process that was slow and depended heavily on purchase orders being moved manually from approver to approver. To get spending by the individual branches under management and approval flows automated, this company implemented Coupa eProcurement, with integration of approved invoices to SmartStream, and enablement of cXML and punchout suppliers.

Purchasing is faster and more accurate now, using Coupa.

General Information

  • Production Users: 2,100
  • GL Accounts: 121,141
  • Suppliers: 7,177
  • Commodities: 92

Implementation Timeline

Implementation Time: 3 Months

Transactional Data (Last 30 Days)

  • $94 Thousand Dollars in Purchase Order Spend
  • 1,164 Purchase Orders
  • 1,078 Invoices


Approved Invoices: Coupa to SS via API

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