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Coupa Success Portal

Cash Checking and Loan Provider


This case study is about cash checking and loan provider that manages more than 300 financial service centers across US. They needed a system that would replace a manual process for purchasing that included paper orders and e-mail approvals. With the manual process they were missing the proactive visibility into purchasing. Coupa provided reporting and visibility into spend for multiple interdependently run departments. As a Coupa customer, they will be doing all administrative purchasing and all invoicing through our platform.

Configuration Metrics

  • Users: 106
  • Suppliers: 2919
  • Accounts: 39K active accounts
  • Hosted Catalog Items: 1100
  • PunchOuts and cXML PO and Invoice Connections: Office Depot, Insight Global

Integration Overview

  • Suppliers (GP to Coupa)
  • Accounts (GP to Coupa)
  • Approved Invoices (Coupa to GP)
  • Invoice Payments (GP to Coupa)

Two more Coupa standard integrations are planned for the future with two external purchasing systems.

Key Features of the Implementation

  • Successful GP integration with four integration points
  • Customized invoice integration that can be re-used for other customers

Key Challenges

  • 90 databases in GP that are used for different store locations. Since Coupa only integrates with a single database, the Coupa integration team had to develop a process of allocating data to multiple databases.
  • One of the requirements was integration of approved invoices with split billing that included weighted allocation of taxes and shipping costs based on the invoice line amount.
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