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Cloud Data Services Provider


This provider was looking for a procurement solution to efficiently manage spend for computer hardware, software and maintenance contracts to support their data service operations. With multiple locations across the globe, an expense module was also required to track all of the travel expense reimbursements.

General Information

  • 173 Users Procurement & Expenses
  • 1360 Suppliers
  • 28,000 account codes
  • Punchouts with Dell, Zones, Staples, and PC Connection
  • Automated invoice and expense report integration with NetSuite
  • Supplier information (W-9, tax forms, contact, etc.) collected from supplier via Coupa Supplier Information Portal and fed into NetSuite

Spend Management

Commodities managed through Coupa:

  • Computer software
  • SAN base/disks
  • Switches/Routers
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Computer software-maintenance
  • Computer equipment
  • Computer equipment-maintenance

They are using contract features to track their software/hardware license renewals (Microsoft, VMWare, FusionStorm) and maintenance agreements for storage server spend (arrays, tape drive modules, disk drives). They are also using agreement renewal reminder alerts based on contract expiration dates.

  • Lodging
  • Meals/Dinners
  • Dues & Subscriptions
  • Taxi
  • Airfare

Implementation Timeline

This implementation was rolled out in phases:

  • Phase 1: Procurement Rollout
    • Implementation Start to Complete: 28 business days
  • Phase 2: Expenses Rollout with NetSuite integrations for expenses and invoices

    • Implementation start to complete: 49 business days

Integration Information

Automated integration with NetSuite via Boomi connector


  • Approved invoices (Coupa to NetSuite)
  • Invoice payment details (NetSuite to Coupa)
  • Expense reports (Coupa to NetSuite)
  • Suppliers (Coupa to NetSuite)

Suppliers are first created and approved in Coupa and then sent to NetSuite. Process is then set up to return the vendor number from NetSuite on to Coupa supplier to create a link between vendors in two systems.

Please see attached data mapping document that was used to build integrations.


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