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Fortune 500 Global Freight and Logistics Services Company



This Fortune 500 freight and logistics services company is a U.S corporation and one of the world's ten largest providers of transportation and logistics services. They acquired  an existing Coupa customer, so migration of a legacy instance to a new instance was part of the implementation.

Although the legacy customer was one of Coupa’s more successful customers who frequented the panels at Inspire, the early days of the new relationship were a different story. In fact, Coupa was informed that we would be phased out in an IT initiative to consolidate to the Oracle Cloud.  However, over the course of time, they began to realize that Coupa's Value proposition could not be replicated in Oracle. 

With this change in direction, the Coupa teams spent time with the customer on sharing the value that the platform would bring to their organization.  Along with an ongoing series of discussions, we hosted Customer at Inspire so that they could experience the success of other customers and the Coupa story.  This resulted in customer aligning on their global vision with Coupa and secured a meaningful partnership for years to come.  

Today, customer operates in supply chain management; truckload, less-than-truckload and expedited shipping; freight brokerage; last-mile delivery; intermodal freight transport and drayage; and global freight forwarding. It has approximately 50,000 customers in 32 countries around the world, including 67 of the Fortune 100.  The company has corporate headquarters is located in Greenwich, Connecticut and European headquarters in Lyon, France.


Key Highlights

  • Coupa-led global implementation
  • Four-phased implementation over a 16-month period of time
  • Phase 2 was an overlay of existing Coupa customer instance to new customer instance, incorporating new global design and processes.  Legacy instances will be decommissioned.
  • Each phase brought on an additional ERP
  • Customer was keen to stay within best practices and Coupa recommendations.  As new business units were brought on, there were minimal deviations from the global design.



Success Goals

  • 100% of addressable spend captured within 1 year of go-live
  • 54% of spend through catalogs/contracts within 1 year of go-live
  • 20% of suppliers for 80% of spend within 1 year of go-live
  • 99% of PO's sent electronically within 1 year of go-live
  • 99% of addressable spend (in PO categories), PO backed within 1 year of go-live

General Information

  • Users: 2943
  • Suppliers:  4237
  • Dynamic Chart of Accounts: 100
  • ERP’s:  Oracle (2) and SAP (1)
  • 17,600 orders in first 3 months totaling $24MM spend

Implementation Timeline

  • Project Kick-Off Date: 12/11/2017
  • Project Go-Live Dates: 
    • Phase 1 Global Design: 4/15/2018
    • Phase 2 North America Legacy Instance Lift 'n Shift:  7/09/2018
    • Phase 3 North America: 10/01/2018
    • Phase 4 Europe:  January 2019


Integration Information


Standard integrations plus:

  • Accrual Report
  • Receipts
  • Invoice Scanning Solutions:  Symbeo, Kofax, Sprinter
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