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Coupa Success Portal

Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider


This case study is about Fortune 500 Healthcare provider with over 12,000 employees at locations in 15 states across the US. They needed to provide their user base with an easy way to order goods and services ranging from business cards and office suppliers to medical supplies.

Coupa is successfully being used for requisition, approvals, budgeting, purchase orders, receiving, invoicing, reporting, and benchmarking. To streamline their invoicing process, we have also integrated with their scanning solution to allow for scanned invoices to be fed into Coupa via an integration point. Invoices are received into Coupa from their scanning solution, via cXML, and via the free of charge Coupa Supplier Network allowing their AP team to serve a more strategic role.

Users are taking full advantage of the easy to use custom reporting Coupa offers with over 300 custom data views created within the first fifty days of use. In addition to the standard P2P processes, webforms are extensively utilized by end users to request checks for supplier payment, cellular devices, new suppliers, and more. All of this is managed through automated integrations with their JD Edwards ERP system.

General Information

  • 12,000 User License
  • Over 200,000 GL Accounts
  • Over 13,000 Suppliers
  • 8 Initial Punchout Sites
  • 13 Active Webforms
  • 7 Automated Integration Points with JD Edwards
  • Integration with scanning solution for inbound invoice data
  • Approximately $200M in spend through Coupa in first 50 days live in Coupa

Implementation Timeline

  • Immediately following the initial go-live, access was created to roughly half of the 12,000 potential end users.
  • Nearly 10,000 requisitions submitted in the first fifty days of use with 7,500 purchase orders generated and more than 5,000 invoices processed.

Integration Information

  • JD Edwards
  • Automated integration for the following business objects from JDE into Coupa:
    • Users
    • Suppliers
    • Accounts
    • Invoice Payments
  • Automated integration for the following business object from Coupa Into JDE:
    • Invoices
    • Purchase Orders
    • Receipts
  • Automated integration between Coupa and Scanning Solution (ScanOne):
    • Inbound Invoices
  • The integration is done by pushing flat files between the two systems across sFTP sites
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