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Coupa Success Portal

Fortune 500 Telecom Company


This case study is about a Fortune 500 Telecom company. They were struggling with their monthly accrual process and getting their services spend under control. Coupa is successfully being used for requisition, approvals, purchase orders, receiving, invoices, reporting, and benchmarking. An example of their flow would be to capture bids, service start/end dates, and attach contracts or quotes at the requisition line level. They also do a bit of project based PO's.

General Information

  • 200 User License
  • Over 25,000 GL Accounts
  • Over 600 Suppliers
  • 4 Automated Integration Points with Oracle ERP
  • Over $250M in spend in the first 100 days live

Implementation Timeline

  • Contract to Initial Go-Live: 40 days, including:
    • All functionality
    • All users
    • Manual integration between Coupa and Oracle
  • Initial Go-Live to Automated Oracle Integration: 18 days, including:
    • All automated integration between Coupa and Oracle

Integration Information

  • Oracle ERP backend
  • Automated integration for the following business objects from Oracle into Coupa:
    • Suppliers
    • Accounts
    • Invoice Payments
  • Automated integration for the following business object from Coupa into Oracle:
    • Invoices
  • The integration is done by pushing flat files between the two systems across sFTP sites


Project plan: The project plan used to execute the project, has been modified to remove client specific information. It has been downloaded into excel from a project planning tool, hence the duration (days) column is for the specific set of tasks. The whole project, including integration took 58 days.

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