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Coupa Success Portal

Global Athletic Apparel Provider


This global provider of athletic apparel was looking for a single Cloud based solution to handle all their eProcurement and Expense Management needs. They were looking for a platform to improve the efficacy and the efficiency of their regular operations from the procurement perspective.

Coupa is now their standard for managing spend throughout the organization, with everything tied together with Coupa's Spend Optimizer.

General Information

  • 200 Users
  • eProcurement & Expenses
  • 7700 Suppliers
  • 550,000 Account Codes
  • Automated Integration Points with custom ERP solution for both eProcurement and Expenses

Spend Management Information

Commodities managed through Coupa:

  • Marketing fees
  • Personnel expenses
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Project related expenses
  • Technology related expenses
  • Legal fees
  • Using budgets to track spend for marketing related events and expenses
  • Utilizing supplier contracts to manage on-contract spend
  • Leveraging capabilities to support a multi-national deployment
  • Use account security rules to restrict data visibility between countries
  • Multiple foreign currencies and exchange rates
  • Multi-language (English, Spanish)
  • Enforcing pre-approval of travel expenses to cut down on travel costs

Spend Optimizer Executive Dashboards

  • Track Contract vs Off Contract Spend and expiration dates
  • Track orders by top requesters and top suppliers
  • View average approval times by users and departments
  • Track invoices by amount of spend per supplier and manage invoice exceptions

Implementation Timeline

  • Phase 1: Procurement Rollout
  • Contract to Go-live: 37 days
  • Phase 2: Expenses Rollout
  • Implementation Start to Go-live: 18 Days

Integration Information

Automated integration with custom ERP solution for the following business objects:

  • Invoices from Coupa
  • Invoice Payments to Coupa
  • Expense Reports from Coupa
  • Expense Payments to Coupa


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