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Coupa Success Portal

Global Aviation Services Company


This case study is about a Global Aviation services company. They were looking for a flexible spend platform that would integrate well with their ERP, a variety of third-party systems, and other supplier systems. Coupa is successfully being used for catalog management, requisitions, approvals, purchase orders, receiving, invoices, and reporting.

General Information

  • 250 Users
  • Over 70,000 GL Accounts
  • Over 38,000 suppliers
  • 7 automated integration points with Infinium and Scan One

Implementation Timeline

The implementation was conducted in the following phases:

Phase 1: Invoice Processing 

  • Contract to Go-live: 41 Days

Phase 2: Invoice Automation through Scan One Integration 

  • Contract to Go-live: 40 Days

Phase 3: Entire P2P implementation

  • Contract to Go-live: 115 days

Integration Information

  • Automated integration for the following business objects from Infinium into Coupa:
    • Suppliers, Accounts, Invoice Payments
  • Automated integration for the following business object from Coupa into Infinium:
    • Invoices
  • Automated integration between Scan One and Coupa
    • Invoices from Scan One in to Coupa
    • Suppliers from Coupa to Scan One


Project plan: The project plan used to execute against the project has been modified to remove client specific information. It has been converted into a PDF from a project planning tool, hence the duration (days) column is for the specific set of tasks.

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