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Global E-Commerce Leader Inventory Rollout


This global e-commerce provider was looking to replace Oracle OFA inventory solution across multiple geographies and business units.  Inventory consists largely of managing shipping supplies to support customer's operations and Oracle had been in place to suport for 16+ years.  Users were already using Coupa for purchasing needs over last several years and wanted to have unified experience by being able to use inventory in one system as well.  

The initial plan was to start with a small pilot in the India region where there was no system in place (including Oracle) at all to help with efficiency in manual processes.  However after seeing product capability the demand for Coupa became overwhelming from region and it was decided to implement with "big bang" approach starting with the largest region in North America covering 375 shipping locations. 

At the conclusion of implementation all North America locations are on Coupa inventory completely replacing Oracle.   Customer's next phase is the roll out in the rest of locations world wide in addition to physical retail stores.

General Information

  • 375 warehouses
  • 20,000 items / 5,000 inventory items
  • 1.2 million monthly spend transactions
  • 400,000 monthly receipts
  • 850 concurrent daily cycle counts


Integration Information

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