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Global SAP Technology Company


This case study is about an American electronic design automation and engineering services company that specializes in the production of software for designing integrated circuits. The implementation entailed configuring Coupa to support business processes in over 30 countries, with integration between Coupa and SAP for more than 11 business objects and 1 WorkDay object. The integration case study for this client can be found here.

As part of the implementation, efforts were taken not only to align processes, but to streamline them across all operating units. Coupa is successfully being used for requisition, approvals, budgeting, purchase orders, receiving, invoicing, and reporting.

General Information

  • User Licenses: 6,500
  • GL Accounts: Dynamic Accounting
  • Commodities: 735
  • Suppliers: 30,000
  • Buying Policies: 40
  • Approval Chains: 3,500
  • Countries: 35
  • Languages: 8
  • Punchout Sites: 7

Implementation Timeline

This was a staged rollout that took them to a global rollout across 30 countries in 9 months. A large portion of the time came from the integration work that was required across 11 SAP business objects and 1 WorkDay object. This included Coupa doing the SAP work as well as the Coupa integration work.

Transactional Data

After 2 Months in production:

  • 3,700 Purchase Orders
  • 2,000 Invoices

Integration Information


Automated integration for the following business objects from SAP into Coupa:

  • Approval chains
  • Suppliers
  • Accounts
  • Invoice payments
  • Exchange rates
  • Inbound invoices

Automated integration for the following business object from Coupa into SAP:

  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase order revisions
  • Receipts
  • Submitted invoices
  • Approved invoices


Automated integration for following business objects from Workday into Coupa:

  • Users
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