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Large Retailer With Over 18k Users


This case study is about a large retailer with over 3,000 locations and 18,000 employees. They needed to provide all their store and headquarter users with an easy way to order goods and services. The less time they spent ordering things, the more time they could spend with their customers. Two other systems tried and failed before Coupa was brought in as the final solution. Coupa is successfully being used for requisition, approvals, budgeting, purchase orders, receiving, invoices, reporting, and benchmarking. We have also integrated with their Sourcing and Contracts solution to provide a seamless flow from contract execution to the ability to buy off of contract. Their store managers and regional managers all have the ability to view their respective budgets directly from the Coupa home page and also as part of approving their requisitions. They rely on our data segregation capabilities to show relevant transactions and content to the users. All of this is managed through automated integrations with their Lawson ERP system.

General Information

  • 20,000 User License
  • Over 1,500,000 GL Accounts
  • Over 30,000 Suppliers
  • 5 Automated Integration Points with Lawson ERP
  • Over 45,000 PO's in the first 100 days live

Implementation Timeline

The rollout to all stores was done in waves over a period of time:

  • Wave 1: Contract to the first 300 stores: 80 days
    • This included all functionality and automated integration between Coupa and Lawson for their first set of locations.
  • Wave 2: Within the next two weeks: 600 stores
  • Wave 3: The next 7 days: 1,000 stores
  • Wave 4: The next 7 days: 1,200 stores, the remainder of the stores

Subsequent to these store rollouts, the client bought additional companies and they were able to simply add the users and accounts to their Lawson system. That triggered an automatic integration run into Coupa, where the new users were able to start using Coupa almost immediately.

Integration Information

  • Lawson backend
  • Automated integration for the following business objects from Lawson into Coupa:
    • Users, Account Security Groups, Budgets, Suppliers, Accounts, Invoice Payments
  • Automated integration for the following business object from Coupa into Oracle:
    • Invoices
  • Automated integration between Coupa and their Contracts/Sourcing solution:
    • Contracts
    • Spend Analytics
  • The integration was done by pushing flat files between the two systems across sFTP sites
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