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Largest Dental Office Support Provider In U.S.


This case study is about largest dental office support provider in US. They support more than 1,300 dentists and hygienists practicing in over 400 offices nationwide. They needed a system that would provide their dental office managers with an easy and efficient way to purchase supplies that are used to provide dental care to office patients. Purchased commodities range from surgical bone grafting and implant supplies to dental furniture to tooth paste and dental floss. Office managers are able to group supplies into order lists which allows for quick selection and purchase of items required to stock the office for proper patient care. District managers who may oversee 10-12 offices at a time have full visibility into office spend and are able to track allocated budgets in Coupa to insure that those numbers are exceeded by office purchases.

Any purchases that exceed budget get routed to district managers for review and approval before a decision is made to approve a purchase. 50% of spend is done with one dental equipment provider who is exchanging PO and invoice data with Coupa electronically via cXML helping automate AP processes.

General Information

  • 600 User Licenses
  • 400+ Locations
  • 5,000 monthly budget lines
  • Over 10,000 PO's in first two months on platform
  • 13,000 hosted catalog items

Implementation Timeline

The rollout to all locations was done in waves:

  • Wave 1: Southern California market. All integrations complete
  • Wave 2: Within the next month: West/South coast locations
  • Wave 3: Second month: East coast locations

All 400 locations rolled out on Coupa within two months of go live.

Integration Information

Flat file integration to Epicor EPR using Coupa standard format files over an sFTP site:

  • Approved Invoices (Coupa to Epicor)
  • Invoice Payments (Epicor to Coupa)
  • Accounts (Epicor to Coupa)


Project plan - View the project plan. Note that all sensitive client information has been removed from this version of the plan.

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