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Largest Global Supplier of Shoes and Apparel



This global athletic apparel supplier was attracted to Coupa's dynamic discount program 'Accelerate' to realize savings in a risk-free way, by leveraging their working capital to achieve discounts from their suppliers in exchange for earlier payment.  Customer saw that the effort to add this capability to already existing P2P suite was not only very limited, but was also assisted by Coupa Pay's supplier enablement team.  For customer's suppliers, Accelerate is a risk-free way to get paid faster, without getting charged anything by Coupa to use the portal for this or any other customer.  

This successful launch came on the heels of a failed implementation by another provider of dynamic discounting product in spend management space, which we replaced (they had less than 200 suppliers enabled and less than annual savings with the program). 

Customer's ERP is SAP.  They configured the Accelerate Payment terms in their test environment for Coupa and SAP, and updated their invoice integration to accept the Accelerated terms that come through Coupa.   They ran an extremely efficient process, which showcased how easy it is to set up Accelerate even for customers with large, complex ERP environments.  We had a very clean schedule to do the configuration and testing, had a short training session with the key users from their accounting and procurement teams, and brought the feature live in two months!  We also spent important time during the implementation to identify all the suppliers that we will campaign to sign up for Accelerate on the CSP, with a combination of outbound calling and automated emails.

Success Goals

  • Achieve $2.4M Annual Benefit
  • Increase adoption from 3% with former competitor's program to 23% with Coupa Accelerate

Production Metrics

After one week:

  • Accelerated Invoice Value: $1.46 Million
  • Savings to customer: $30k (in one week!)
  • Supplier with Global Preference set on CSP: 131  (This number will grow rapidly as outbound calling and e-mail campaigns kick-off).

Implementation Timeline


Project Kick-off Date: January 11, 2019
Project Go-Live Date: March 8, 2019


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