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Coupa Success Portal

Major Ride-Sharing Company in China


This case study is about one of the largest ride-sharing companies in the world providing various transportation services in China.  Before implementation of Coupa, the purchasing process and experience at this provider was inefficient and so non user friendly that end users were complaining.  Implementation Project commenced in November 2016. and went live 10 weeks later in January 2017 with redesigned and optimized P2P process to improve user experience, achieve more efficient processes, empower users and enable suppliers.

Success Goals

Main focus of implementing a streamlined Purchase to Pay solution was to drive better end user experience and improve process efficiency.


General Information


Configuration Metrics

No. Active users: 949

No. Suppliers: 965

Catalog items: 646

Contracts: 100

Account Security Groups: 107


Production Metrics (after 6 months from Go Live)

Total POs:  8,000

PO Spend: > 451 million USD

Total Invoices: 4,000


Implementation Timeline

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.18.30 PM.png


Key Implementation Features

  • Configured 100% for Chinese business requirements.
  • Short timeline for the entire P2P Coupa implementation project (GO-Live in 10 weeks)
  • Nine integrations built up with six different systems within customer
  • Enabled 2 punch-out suppliers and 600+ Catalog items  ( being one of them)
  • Instance localized in Chinese language



Integration Information

Integration with Peoplesoft and Oracle



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