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Multinational Investment Technology Company in Asia


This case study is about one of the largest global companies in the world that is based in China and specializes in various technology related investments as well as  Internet-related services and products.  The initial rollout is a replacement of current existing Expenses system "Expensify" in US region as well as deployment in India and Korea.  Credit card integration is implemented to feed card charges from Bank of America and Woori Bank.


Success Goals


Success Metrics



% Total Amount via Coupa Expenses



% User adoption of system



% Expense Reports Audited



Request to Payment cycle time

<5 Days


Processing cost per ER

       30% Lower


General Information


Configuration Metrics

  • Chart of Accounts - 9
  • Expense Users - 270
  • Expense Categories - 63
  • Approval Chains - 27


Production Metrics (after 2 weeks from Go Live)

  • Expense Reports - 456 reports processed

Implementation Timeline


Project Kick-off Date:  August 2018

Project Go-Live Date:  January 2019


Key Implementation Features

  • Support different languages (English, Chinese, Korean)
  • Design for different Tax policy (India, US, Korea)
  • One standard global expense policy
  • Integration with Customer Middleware and Oracle
Edit section

Integration Information

Integration with Oracle

  • Users
  • Expense Reports
  • Expense Payments
  • Lookup Values
  • Exchange Rates
  • Corporate Card Integration

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