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Coupa Success Portal

Public For-Profit Education Services Holding Company


This case study is about a public for-profit education services holding company that implemented Coupa to centralize and bring visibility into spend across its physical and online college locations. The system has been rolled out to 500+ users spanning these campuses with primary spend concentrated in Hardware and Office Supplies as part of first phase. The organization transacts via cXML punchout, PO and invoice with suppliers that provide products in these areas. The company has already started the next phase of work to bring in non-PO based spend in via invoices and also started ordering and tracking training class based spend in Coupa.

This is an organization that did not have a lot of its business processes defined prior to Coupa. The implementation of the platform helped the business develop these processes by adopting Coupa's recommended best practices to achieve success. They are now starting to have real-time visibility into spend, budgeting, receiving and invoice automation.

General Information

  • 500 Users
  • 4 punchouts
  • 8 Chart of Accounts (one per campus location/online university)
  • 1800 Accounts

Implementation Timeline

  • Wave 1: Hardware and Office Supplies spend

Integration Information

  • Flat file integration to GP ERP using Coupa standard format files over sFTP site
  • Approved Invoices (Coupa to GP)
  • Invoice Payments (GP to Coupa)
  • Accounts (GP to Coupa)
  • Suppliers (GP to Coupa)
  • Remit-to's (GP to Coupa)
  • Users integrations from Active Directory using APIs
  • SAML SSO set up for authentication


Project Plan: View the project plan. All sensitive client information has been removed.

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