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Coupa Success Portal

Specialized Staffing and Risk Consulting Services Provider


This case study is about a specialized staffing services provider that implemented Coupa across US and Canada locations to increase overall user productivity and reduce procurement workload. System has been rolled out to over 2500 users in North America with primary spend categories falling under consulting services and IT consulting. Users have quickly adopted the system and are especially fond of the mobile approvals capability. This has in turn improved the speed of transaction approval across the board. Coupa is a replacement of a combination of a homegrown system and a PeopleSoft purchasing system. The legacy system had become cumbersome to use with too much procurement involvement to cut an order. Coupa has increased end user visibility into their own spend, something that was not available with the previous system. Coupa's Spend Analytics module is utilized to provide dashboard spend visibility for executive team.

IT consultants that provide services to this company post their invoices via Coupa Supplier Network (CSN). A large percentage of PO backed invoices outside of CSN and cXML are sent by suppliers to ScanOne (scanning provider) for data entry and then integrated into Coupa for invoice match validation and posted into PeopleSoft for payment.

General Information

  • 2500 Users
  • 4 punchouts (Staples, Insight, Zones, OfficeMax)
  • 5 Chart of Accounts (one per each entity)
  • 550 Supplies
  • 1700 orders at $9 million total in first month of go-live
  • 1500 invoices in first month of go-live

Implementation Timeline

  • Rollout Time: 6 months
  • Complete P2P roll out across US and Canada user population

Integration Information

Integrations to PeopleSoft via Coupa Standard flat files:

  • Approved Invoices (Coupa to PeopleSoft)
  • Invoice Payments (PeopleSoft to Coupa)
  • Account Lookup Values (PeopleSoft to Coupa)
  • Suppliers (PeopleSoft to Coupa)
  • Users (PeopleSoft to Coupa)

Other Integrations

  • POs from Coupa to Onyx ticketing system
  • ScanOne invoices into Coupa
  • POs from Coupa to ScanOne
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