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General Information

This case study is about a large aeronautics and space company in Europe with 180 locations globally that implemented Coupa P2P, OBN (Invoicing), Analytics and Contract Lifecycle Management in their Central and Americas divisions in Q2 2017 with subsequent plants to rollout to the rest within the next 3-4 quarters.  Initial rollout includes 3,000 users with that number increasing to 30,000 once all divisions are live.  First phase was rolled out in four stages.

1. Division 'A'  (masked for confidential purposes)

  • January go-live
  • Limited P2P rollout with no integrations
  • 18 users
  • 81 suppliers
  • $747,000 in spend in Q1

2. CTO Organization rolled out CLM in R&T departments

  • April go-live

3.  US Rollout

  • May go-live
  • 193 users
  • 738 suppliers
  • 79% spend via catalog in first month
  • $350K spend in first month

4.  Europe Central divisions rollout

  • June go-live
  • 2388 users
  • 3999 suppliers
  • 187 catalogs
  • 2 punchouts

Success Goals

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General Information

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Implementation Timeline

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  • New modules/topics such as Supplier Information Management (SIM), Service Management and MRP to be introduced in next 6 months.
  • France and Germany operational in October 2017
  • Spain and the UK operational in March 2018
  • Simultaneous rollout in India and China

Integration Information

Integration with SAP

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