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Coupa Success Portal

Implementation Overview

Charting Your Quickest Path to Success

It all starts with our Implementation Methodology that anchors the implementation priorities and forges a framework for Success. Directly aligned with your goals, this Success is jointly defined at the beginning of the project and used to guide and focus the implementation. We find that defining Success at the beginning and relying on this definition allows everyone to better visualize the path forward.

Our implementations are focused on three things:

  1. Aligning your implementation with your success goals
  2. Delivering key value processes
  3. Enabling you and your entire organization

Our implementation services deliver these things all with an eye towards Time to Value.

We have provided an overview in this section to help educate you about our overall philosophy and implementation approach, an approach that puts your Success at the center of the project. Our team works with you to realize the full benefit of Coupa, bringing to life the business value of a robust cloud solution. Our customers benefit from our experience that helps inform our delivery, providing insight to the key project decisions and deploying industry best practices.  

Your Coupa Implementation team works with you throughout the project, ensuring your Success and knowledge transfer. Our methodology has been refined through hundreds of Coupa implementations with customers of all sizes. We present a high level view of our implementation below:


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