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Coupa Success Portal

1.1 Initial Customer Communication


Outreach to the customer after signing will ensure no momentum is lost from the sales cycle to the implementation cycle. The task defined within this step will not only help our PS team be prepared but will also convey a level of confidence with the customer from the start of the project.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Customer Intro Call  
  • Engagement manager is responsible for coordinating with customer and partner to introduce Coupa Expert Services team
  • Setup Project Meeting
  • Setup Steering Committee Calls
  • Kick off planning call
  • Success Readiness Assessment tollgate introduction

Draft Project Plan

Steering Committee Meeting template

Status report template

Establish risk/action tracker

Success Readiness Assessment template

Establish Internal Team Structure
  • Sourcing Assignments
  • Statement of Work
  • Project Manager to establish the team structure and assignments.
  • Coupa Project Team Roster

Team Structure

Roles and responsibility definitions

Salesforce PS Engagement Review

  • Statement of Work
  • Order Form
  • Instance Setup
  • Project Manager to review SOW, OF, Sales Force objects and ensure the instances are set up.
  • A completed OpenAir Engagement with dates, team members and integrations.
  • Test and Production instances set up.

OpenAir Engagement Set up checklist


New instance set up checklist

Setup Project Site/Repository
  • Project Documentation
  • Design/Architecture/Integration Review
  • Engagement Manager to set up the repository and give access to Coupa SA, Coupa TS and Coupa SE resources as well
  • Internal Coupa Confluence site

Project Site

(internal to Coupa)

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