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Coupa Success Portal

Weekly Status Report

The weekly status report is an important communication tool.   

  • Timing:  Status reports are due weekly
  • Distribution:  Each report email should be emailed to:
  • Template (Word):  The weekly status report template is attached below.
  • Template (Email):  The accompanying email template is shown below.  Please note the email header naming convention.
  • Electronic Filing:  Save the status report to the corresponding SFDC PS Engagement record
  • Updates:  Review and modify the SFDC dates based on your weekly report (milestone dates, go live dates, project health, etc)
  • More Details:  See FAQs below

Please review weekly with your customer to ensure the reports are accurate.

The number of weekly status update emails to the coupa Executive update distribution is large.  To provide easier reference, please ensure your email and email header information follows the outlined format below, highlighting key project information and overall Project Health (color).


DOWNLOAD HERE:  Coupa Weekly Status Report Template


Sample Email to Accompany the Weekly Status Report


RE:  <Customer> Coupa Weekly Status Report - <MM/DD/YYY> - <Project Health Color>


Attached please find a copy of the weekly Coupa Status Report for the week ending 1/29/16. The project health status is in Yellow. We continued receiving decisions from ABC team and provided updated Coupa documents (Configuration P2P/Expense, Integration Requirements/Mapping) to the team for review/sign off. We started testing ABC corporate card integration into Coupa and looking into alternative plan for Big  Bank corporate card. For this upcoming week, we will work with ABC to finalize open decisions in P2P Configurations, Integration Mappings and continue supplier enablement work.

Key Accomplishments

  • Project kickoff and Administrator and AP training completed and well-received
  • Business Process Analysis, Integrations Document and Configuration Document all near-completion after on-site working sessions
  • Integration Initial Kickoff completed
  • Supplier Enablement Approach completed

Key Next Steps

  • Test instance configuration to be completed
  • Final signoff on Business Process Analysis, Integrations and Configuration documents
  • Continuation of Integration Design and Field Mappings

Key Decisions

  • Agreement on Key Success Metrics
  • Go forward on R16 regression testing

Key Risks

  • No decision for EMEA rollout yet determined - may jeopardize testing milestone schedule

Key Open Issues

  • No replacement named for Jim Smith
  • Should we limit the number of custom roles?


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Thank you,





Frequently Asked Questions (More detailed responses to bulleted Status Report instructions above)


Which projects require a status report?

Weekly status reports are required for all active Coupa implementations.
What is the frequency at which status reports should be sent out?
As a general rule, status reports should be sent out on Monday at 8:00AM (customer local time) each week. There will be some customers that require the status report to be sent out on a day other thanMonday to align with a project status meeting or steering meeting and this can be accommodated, provided that the status report is still sent out consistently each week.
Who is responsible for sending out project status reports?
When Coupa is delivering an implementation directly, the weekly status report should be created and shared each week by the Coupa Implementation Manager.  For partner led engagements, the weekly status report should be created and shared by the partner project manager.
Do all projects require the Coupa Standard Format of the status report?
The purpose of the weekly status report is to ensure that all key stakeholders are aware of project progress, next steps, current issues/challenges, and key project dates.  While we do encourage our partners to leverage the Coupa Standard Format, there will be some partners (typically Global System Integrators) or some customers that have a preferred status report format.  In this scenario, we can support the use of partner specific or customer specific formats, provided the status reports are sent on a weekly basis and include the key progress and date information that Coupa requires to effectively support the engagement.
What is the intended audience for the weekly status report?
Each status report email should be sent to the Customer Project Sponsor, Customer Project Manager, Coupa Professional Services Manager, Coupa Integrations Engineer, and the below Coupa Executive email alias.
Who is responsible for updating the Professional Services Engagement within
At this time, we are working to enable all approved implementation partners within to give them the ability to directly update their PS Engagements with the weekly status report, and any timeline updates.  It is the responsibility of the Coupa Professional Services Team to ensure that the PS engagements are up to date (either through direct updates or through requests to a partner) on a weekly basis.  Additionally, the Coupa PS Team should review the project timeline regularly to ensure that all required dates are feasible and in line with the current state of the engagement.
If you have questions around which partners have access to Salesforce, please contact Alliances (
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