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Weekly Status Report

The weekly status report is an important communication tool.   

  • Timing:  Status Reports are required weekly from project start through to Hypercare completion. See FAQ Frequency below
    for additional information.
  • Distribution:  see FAQ below for distribution audience.
  • Template (Word):  The weekly status report template is attached below.
  • Template (Email):  weekly emails will follow a structured format for consistency in communication. Important - please also
    note the email subject/header naming convention.
  • Open Issues/Risks: please list all Open Issues / Risks in the Status Report. Note: external docs/RAID logs can be used for
    detailed tracking and the Status Report should include an executive summary of all Issues and Risks.
  • Alignment: please review the status report with the customer weekly to ensure the reports are accurate and to manage and
    track activities to completion.
  • More Details:  See FAQs below

Email Format

Please use the following email template to structure the weekly Status Report. This ensures all parties can easily reference the
executive highlights, overall project health color, and key activities consistently.


DOWNLOAD HERE:  Coupa Weekly Status Report Template


Sample Email to Accompany the Weekly Status Report


RE:  <Customer> Coupa Weekly Status Report - <MM/DD/YYY> - <Project Health Color>


Attached please find a copy of the weekly Coupa Status Report for the week ending 01/10/22. The project health is Yellow and
will return to Green when XXX is completed (see Open Risks). The <Partner> team led <list activities conducted this week in
priority of risk/importance to achieve Go Live date.  Reference the Milestone table to communicate progress for current activities
and share any change to dates/cause of change>.  <Customer> completed X and will deliver Y by X Date (see Open Issues).
Next week, <Partner/Customer> will commence X activity with UAT signoff scheduled for Y date.

Key Accomplishments

        1. Project Kickoff meeting – conducted
        2. Coupa Pay TransferMate - commenced
        3. Coupa Pay Bank Partner - commenced
        4. Master Data gathering – commenced
        5. Business Process Document - commenced

Key Next Steps

        1. Success Metrics meeting – conduct
        2. Master Data Gathering - complete
        3. Business Process Document – continue
        4. Coupa Pay TransferMate – continue
        5. Coupa Pay Bank Partner- continue

Key Risks

  • TransferMate agreements tracking behind schedule.

Key Open Issues

  • <Customer> to allocate resources for Coupa Pay privileged roles


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Thank you,





Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Required Projects - which projects require weekly status reports?

All active Coupa Implementations require Coupa Weekly Status Reports. This includes module Add-Ons and/or net-new


     2. Frequency - what is the frequency to distribute weekly status reports?

Recommended weekly distribution is COB Friday/no later than Mondays before 8:00am (customer local time) weekly. If there
is an exception to this distribution schedule, please align with the EM to confirm a consistent weekly cadence. Status Reports
are expected weekly from project start through to the completion of Hypercare. Where a scheduled pause/freeze occurs,
weekly status reports are not required.

     3. Ownership - who is responsible for sending out project status reports?

On Partner led projects, the partner project manager is responsible to create and distribute the weekly status report. For
Coupa led implementations, the Coupa Engagement Manager is responsible for this activity.

     4. Format – is the Coupa Weekly Status Report template required?

All key elements and details are required in the weekly status report. Where partners (typically Global System Integrators)
leverage their own branded template, key elements are to be maintained to ensure communication to key stakeholders. Coupa
Engagement Manager may align with partners on any missing elements to ensure for effective communication to support the

    5. Distribution Audience – who is the intended audience for the weekly status report?

Reference the Coupa Word template’s header section to view all parties to be included across all three organizations:
Executive Sponsors, Project Sponsors; Project Team. Please include all project SME’s from Coupa Professional Services and the
Executive alias:
o Coupa Pay? Add
o Corporate Account? Add
o Mid-Market or Enterprise account? Add the assigned CVM

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