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1.2 Establish Project Management Plan, Structure and Kick-Off


Establishing Project Management Plan & Structure is critical to putting each implementation on the right path to a timely go live. The tasks within this step will ensure you have reviewed as much information as possible before your first interaction with the customer. Putting together a draft project plan will also help your customer understand dependencies and key implementation milestones. Every implementation must have a formal kickoff (remote or in-person) to ensure the project team, project timeline, project scope, implementation methodology, and success metrics have been established and communicated.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Confirm Partner Team's Delivery and Release Certification (for Partner-Led Implementations) Alliances
  • Coupa PM is responsible to check assigned partner resources with Alliances

  • Confirmation from Alliances on certification
Conduct Strategic Planning Workshop (for Partner-Led Implementations) Coupa PM, Partner PM
  • Coupa Project Manager is responsible for facilitating this meeting with Partner Project Manager
  • Alignment on level of Coupa involvement throughout the project lifecycle
Strategic Planning Workshop Checklist 
Finalize Project Team Structure Coupa, Partner, and Customer Team Members  
  • Team Charter
Establish Project Plan  
  • Coupa Project Manager (or Partner PM) is responsible for creating and building the plan

  • Coupa TS (or Partner TS) is responsible for creating the high level milestone plan for technical services activities and provide it to the PM

  • Coupa TS (or Partner TS) is responsible for tracking the completion of milestone activities for technical services and raising to the PM the risk of not meeting milestones.

  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) is responsible for customer escalation management at steering committee and overall management of the project plan, milestones and deliverables.

  • Project Plan


Draft Project Plan


High Level Project Timeline

and Milestones


Project Kickoff Coupa, Partner, Customer
  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) is responsible for scheduling the kickoff
  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) to invite Coupa Exec Sponsor, CSM, SC (Sales), SA, and TS to the kickoff meeting
  • Project Kickoff


KickOff Deck


Integrations Overview Deck


Integrations Best Practices


Establish Action Item Tracker  
  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) is responsible for creating the action tracker.

  • Coupa TS (or Partner PS) is responsible to updating the tracker for TS related action items.

  • Action Item Tracker 
Action Items Tracker
Provide Project Manager Oversight (for Partner-Led Implementations) Coupa PM
  • Coupa PM to complete required inputs to SFDC and OpenAir on one-time/weekly/monthly basis
  • Project updates made in SFDC and OpenAir
PM Checklist of Weekly Updates
Engage Coupa Supplier Enablement team Partner, Coupa Supplier Enablement
  • Coupa PM helps partner engage Supplier Enablement resources to get introduced into project
  • Supplier Enablement resources identified and engaged


How to Engage with Supplier Enablement Team

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