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1.2 Establish Project Management Plan, Structure and Kick-Off


Establishing Project Management Plan & Structure is critical to putting each implementation on the right path to a timely go live. The tasks within this step will ensure you have reviewed as much information as possible before your first interaction with the customer. Putting together a draft project plan will also help your customer understand dependencies and key implementation milestones. Every implementation must have a formal kickoff (remote or in-person) to ensure the project team, project timeline, project scope, implementation methodology, and success metrics have been established and communicated.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Confirm Partner Team's Delivery and Release Certification (for Expert Services Partner Model) Alliances
  • Coupa EM is responsible to check assigned partner resources with Alliances

  • Confirmation from Alliances on certification
Request access for partner project team to be able to file support tickets under customer account at the outset of an engagement
Coupa EM, Partner PM
  • Coupa EM submits tickets to assign partner to customer account in SFDC
  • Partner project team able to file tickets under customer account in SFDC
Conduct Strategic Planning Workshop (for Expert Services Partner Model) Coupa EM, Partner PM
  • Coupa EM is responsible for facilitating this meeting with Partner Project Manager
  • Alignment on level of Coupa involvement throughout the project lifecycle
Strategic Planning Workshop Checklist 
Finalize Project Team Structure Coupa, Partner, and Customer Team Members  
  • Team Charter
Establish Project Plan  
  • Coupa Project Manager (or Partner PM) is responsible for creating and building the plan

  • Coupa TS (or Partner TS) is responsible for creating the high level milestone plan for technical services activities and provide it to the PM

  • Coupa TS (or Partner TS) is responsible for tracking the completion of milestone activities for technical services and raising to the PM the risk of not meeting milestones.

  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) is responsible for customer escalation management at steering committee and overall management of the project plan, milestones and deliverables.

  • Project Plan


Draft Project Plan


High Level Project Timeline and Milestones


Release Management Planning Coupa EM/PM, Partner PM, Customer
  • Coupa EM/PM or Partner educates customer on Coupa release auto upgrade strategy and ensures that project milestone dates account for release upgrade timelines
  • Release upgrade dates included in project plan and built into milestone planning


Release Management

Project Kickoff Coupa, Partner, Customer
  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) is responsible for scheduling the kickoff
  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) to invite Coupa Exec Sponsor, CSM, SC (Sales), SA, and TS to the kickoff meeting
  • Project Kickoff


KickOff Deck


Integrations Overview Deck


Integrations Best Practices


Establish Action Item Tracker  
  • Coupa PM (or Partner PM) is responsible for creating the action tracker.

  • Coupa TS (or Partner PS) is responsible to updating the tracker for TS related action items.

  • Action Item Tracker 
Action Items Tracker
Provide Engagement Manager Oversight (for Expert Services Partner Model) Coupa EM
  • Coupa EM to complete required inputs to SFDC and OpenAir on one-time/weekly/monthly basis
  • Project updates made in SFDC and OpenAir
PM Checklist of Weekly Updates
Engage Coupa Supplier Enablement team Partner, Coupa Supplier Enablement
  • Coupa EM helps partner engage Supplier Enablement resources to get introduced into project
  • Supplier Enablement resources identified and engaged


How to Engage with Supplier Enablement Team

Engage CSM team to kick-off Value Stream Kick-Off Coupa EM and CSM
  • Coupa EM helps identify customer owner for value work stream and introduces CSM into account
  • Coupa CSM starts a parallel track, reviews Value Stream objectives with customer and agrees on subsequent milestones
  • Value Stream Kick-Off

Value Stream Overview

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