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1.3 Sales to Services Handoff


This step is important for the services team to understand the valuable knowledge gathered by the sales team during the sales process.

The handover document should provide details of information and requirements captured during sales meetings with the customer.

The transition call should clearly explain the needs of the customer, their success metrics as identified so far, and key commitments made during sales cycle.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Sales to Services transition call

Sales Rep

Solution Consultant

  • Coupa Exec Sponsor or Engagement/Project Manager is responsible for scheduling the call.  All resources including SA, TS, SE and Power App SME should be invited in addition to the Sales Rep and Solutions Consultant.  Partner led accounts should also have partner resources invited.
  • Completed Sales to Services ICM hand off document
  • Knowledge transfer to Services

Sales to Services transition document


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