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Coupa Success Portal

1.4 Establish Success Goals and Metrics


Establishing measurable success metrics is most crucial part of Coupa implementation and serves as baseline when determining success of Coupa rollout at an organization.  These metrics should be identified early in the process and ingrained into every subsequent phase of the project. Every business process, configuration and integration decision should be made with these in mind.

Implementing a SaaS solution is more than just technology; we're going to drive an organization to adopt industry best practices in spend management. We're all about aligning customer goals and success metrics with the best practices we have seen first hand through the use of our technology.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Obtain Value Discovery Tool Output Account Executive/Value Engineering Team
  • Coupa Exec Sponsor/RVP works with Coupa Engagement Manager/Project Manager to obtain from VAE team
Value Discovery Output  
Review value discovery output  and list of common metrics to  create a proposal on specific metrics to drive discussion with customer Account Executive/Value Engineering Team
  • Coupa Exec Sponsor/RVP works with Coupa EM/PM to prepare list of success metrics that are pertinent to present to customer
List of pre-defined success metrics to review with customer Success Metrics Pick Mix List
Offer customer to take Spend Management Survey  
  • Coupa Exec works with Coupa EM/PM to discuss and present survey and benefits to customer
Completed Spend Management Survey by customer delivered back to Value Engineering Team for benchmarks comparison Spend Management Survey
Hold Success Metrics Workshop

Coupa RVP, EM and CSM

  • Coupa Exec/Engagement Manager/partner drives the workshop
  • CSM must be invited for Tier 1-3 to participate as part of Value Stream
Plan to define success metrics

Success metrics presentation template - Strategic/Enterprise


Success metrics presentation - Mid-market/Jumpstart (abbreviated, base metrics)


Success metrics presentation - Expenses only


Success Metrics Workbook



Order Mouse Pads with Customer's Success Metrics Coupa CVM Coupa CVM coordinates request with Alexa May.  High resolution customer logo needs to be provided Mouse Pads Mouse Pad Request Form
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