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2.1 Conduct Business Process Review, Design and Architect the Solution


Business Process Design is a key project activity that drives towards optimal system configuration and architecture. Complete signed off business process design ensures there are no process blockers later in the project that could impact other project milestones and overall timelines. Design process review sessions should educate customers on our best practices and demonstrate our recommendations in alignment with their requirements and success goals.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents

Schedule and lead Business Process Design Workshops

Core Project Team (Procurement, Finance, System Admin)


Solution Architect



  • Coupa Solution Architect leads workshops for Coupa led project.  Attends workshops and supports partner on partner led project.
  • Initial workshops should be on site at Tier 1 and 2 customers
Completed Business Process Workshops

Business Design Workshop Decks

  1. BSM Unification Design
  2. Requisitioning Goods and Services
  3. Buying Channels
  4. Approvals
  5. Purchase Order Management
  6. Accounting
  7. Receiving
  8. Invoicing Workflow
  9. InvoiceSmash
  10. Master Data Handling
  11. Security Controls (Roles, Content Groups, Account Groups)
  12. Reporting/Analytics
  13. Budgets
  14. Expenses
  15. Inventory
  16. Contracts
  17. Sourcing
  18. SIM
  19. Data Dependency
  20. Supplier Modeling
  21. Accruals
  22. Process Diagrams (PDF)
  23. Process Diagrams (VDX)
  24. CLM Process Diagrams (PDF)
  25. Sourcing Process Diagrams (PDF)
  26. Storefront
  27. Risk Assess (CRA) Risk Accelerator Guidebook
  28. Risk Assess Permissions Flowchart
  29. SpendGuard
  30. CLMA - Migration Design Guide & Considerations
  31. Risk Assess Design Workshop
  32. Risk Assess 4th Party Design
  33. Services Maestro Design Workshop
  34. Coupa Pay Overview
  35. CCW Design Workshops
  36. CCW Process Flows
  37. Risk Aware and Performance Workshop Deck

Capture customer requirements in Business Process Requirements Document

Core Project Team (Procurement, Finance, System Admin)


Project Manager


Solution Architect


  • Coupa SA responsible for capturing business requirements on Coupa led project.  Partner functional architect will do so on partner led.
  • Partner to review with Coupa SA before requesting sign off from customer
Signed off Business Process Requirements Document

Core Business Process Document: P2I, Coupa Pay, SIM, Expenses, Sourcing, Integrations

CLM - Business Process Requirements Document

CRA - Business Process Requirements Document

Sourcing - Business Process Requirements Document

Inventory - Business Process Requirements Document

Spend Guard - Business Process Document

Services Maestro - Business Process Document

AIC - Business Process Requirements Questions

CCW - Business Process Requirements Questionnaire

InvoiceSmash - Business Process Requirement Document

Capture integration requirements  
  • Partner/Client is responsible for filling out integration planning worksheet and capturing requirements.
  • Client responsible for sign off on design checklist
  • Client/Partner is responsible for completing the data mapping document.
  • Coupa TA is responsible for driving the partner/client to complete the documents and tasks
  • Coupa TA is responsible for reviewing the content and providing feedback to partner/client

Signed off Integrations Requirement Document


Signed off Integrations Design Checklist

Integration Planning Worksheet


Integrations Requirements Document


Integration best practices


Integrations Design Checklist


Integration mapping


AIC data mapping field list

CCW Integrations Deck L0

CCW Integrations Deck L1

CCW Standard Integration Master Document (stand-alone)

CCW Standard Integration Master Document (unified)

CCW R32 Integration Formats

Architect the solution



Solution Architect


Technical Architect

  • Coupa solution and technical architects work with client/partner to finalize solution architecture diagram
  • Signed off Solution Architecture diagram that defines what business functions are mapped to Coupa vs. other systems in customer's enterprise landscape.
CLMA Solution Overview

Discuss and finalize customer enterprise architecture

  • Coupa TA is responsible for having the discussions with the Client IT and enterprise architecture teams - resolve any issues/questions, provide recommendations on the choice of middleware, endpoint, data transformation, integration interfaces, error handling, monitoring etc.
Data Modeling

Partner technical architect, Client technical architect, Partner Business architect, Partner SME, Client Business Architect, Client SME (procurement and AP)

  • Coupa SA will work together with the Coupa TS technical architect to model and design key data elements like COA, Suppliers, Addresses etc.
  CCW Global Foundation Data
Security requirements management Coupa PS, Partner, Client technical team
  • Coupa TA will triage the security related questions and address them
  • Coupa TA will reach out to the Coupa security team appropriately to address some of the advanced topics
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