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2.2 Configure Coupa


Configuration phase ensures that customer's business process design is appropriately translated into setup of environment. Configuration walkthrough assists customer with understanding of system setup architecture and allows for completion of overall model phase. Customer owns configuration once sign off has been provided.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents
Configure Instance

Business Process Design Decisions

  • Coupa SA owns configuration on Coupa led projects.
Configured Sandbox  

Configuration Walkthrough

Multiple iterations to config document
  • Coupa SA owns configuration walkthrough on Coupa led projects
Configuration Document

Configuration Document

SIM - Configuration Document

CLM - Configuration Document

Sourcing - Configuration Document

Inventory - Configuration Document

CLMA - Configuration Document

CSO - Configuration Document

CRA - Configuration Document

Services Maestro - Configuration Document

Complete Configuration Document

Completed by Solution Architect
  • Coupa SA owns document completion on Coupa led projects.
  • Partner completes config document on partner led projects and shares with Coupa SA before presenting to customer
Configuration Document  
Configuration Sign Off and Hand Off to Customer  
  • Coupa PM manages sign off from customer on Coupa led projects
Sign-off email Configuration Email Sign Off Template
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