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2.3 Develop Integrations


Since Coupa serves as strategic extension to customer's financial systems it is critical that integrations are built and tested to support business processes and provide necessary data to external systems to run business. Integrations should be driven by customer business requirements. This phase needs to be accompanied by signed off integration requirements and mapping documents where both technical and business teams work closely to align on deliverables. SOW should serve as a basis for objects and method of integration agreed to with customer prior to implementation start (in case of AIC, no SOW is needed).


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents

Design and Build



  • Deep dive into technical requirements
  • Introduce specific data fields and values for business objects
  • Map data from Coupa to target system
  • Integrations built according to the requirements and data mapping documents
  • Coupa TS architect is responsible for enabling the Coupa in-product flat file integrations.
  • Client IT team/ Client SI team is responsible for developing the integrations

Integrations enabled on Coupa Sandbox environment

Integrations Data Mapping

Risk Assess Quick Integration Guide

Coupa Pay Technical Workshop

Coupa Pay Verify Integrations In Scope

Configure Single SignOn
  • Coupa PS, partner, Client technical team
  • Coupa TS architect is responsible for configuring single sign on.
  • Coupa TS architect may reach out to Coupa operations team for debugging.
SSO configured both in Sandbox and Production

SSO Documentation


SSO SAML Set Up Overview

Unit Testing
  • Coupa/Partner and Client Technical Teams
  • Coupa TS supports performing standard unit testing scenarios and corrects issues and deviations from specified requirements
All build step items have been completed

Sample Unit Testing Scripts

Coupa NetSuite Bundle Sample Unit Testing Scripts

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