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2.4 Enable Suppliers


Development of supplier enablement strategy is key to get suppliers onboarded and ready for customer's Coupa rollout. Supplier lead(s) works with customer to understand supplier transaction volumes, spend volumes and identifying key and strategic suppliers.  They will drive discovery of supplier's technological capabilities in order to recommend best strategy around various methods for suppliers to interact and transact in Coupa. Opportunities to improve user experience by providing searchable catalogs either via punchout or hosted methods and improving efficiency in transaction processing should be top factors in developing a successful strategy.

Supplier Enablement Operating Model

Tier 1-2 Customers will have an assigned SE (Supplier Enablement) resource to provide oversight to Partner (if partner led) or lead the workstream (if Coupa led).  If a project is Coupa led, all tasks will be done by Coupa SE team member.

For Tier 3-5 Customers, the partner or Coupa PS will pull in an SE resource as needed.  We will also collectively promote customer participation in our Able to Enable Community.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents

Catalog Management Strategy

This is really a component of the overall Supplier Enablement strategy, but includes:

  • Identifying which of their suppliers are currently punchout-ready

  • Identifying which categories in their spend are most often used for Hosted catalogs

  • Identifying the correct business process for both initially loading hosted catalogs and long-term maintenance of hosted catalogs

  • Coupa SE provides list of punchout-ready suppliers

  • Coupa SE provides list of most catalogued categories

  • Partner is responsible for final deliverable with our inputs included


cXML Integration

  • Kickoff call with the supplier

  • Exchange of credentials

  • Configuring credentials

  • Testing of all buying channels within punchout

  • Identify bugs and fixes

  • Sign off from customer

  • Move to production (with production credentials)
  • Partner leads the config and testing

  • Coupa SE supports as needed when platform questions / issues remain

Configured/Tested cXML connections cXML Questionnaire

PunchOut Catalog Integration

  • Exchange credentials with Supplier

  • Configure credentials with suppliers

  • Test full punchout process (POSR and POOM)

  • Have customer sign off on functioning punchout

  • Plan MTP (with production credentials)
  • Partner leads the config and testing

  • Coupa SE supports as needed when platform questions / issues remain
Configured/Tested Punchouts  

Hosted Catalog Integration

  • Explain proper hosted catalog initial load and maintenance business processes

  • Decide on long-term management plan of catalog

  • Define list of items

  • Support Supplier populating correct template (item loader, background loader, or catalog loader)

  • Load file in test through correct loader

  • Have customer sign off on all items in catalog and look of content

  • Plan for MTP
  • Partner owns loading and testing of hosted catalogs

  • Partner owns knowledge transfer to customer

  • Coupa SE will want to validate initial load and management plan at beginning of catalog enablement phase
Configured/Loaded Catalogs  

CSP, SAN Enablement / Campaign Management

  • Based on spend segmentation, define target list of customers for CSP / SAN enablement

  • Work with customer to define the message and posture toward e-invoicing

  • Design 3-4 communication campaign within email marketing tool

  • Execute campaign with supplier engagement tracking

  • Prioritize follow up

  • Place 3 calls into supplier as needed (optional add-on)

  • Track progress on weeky interval

  • Re-design PO to promote e-invoicing
Coupa SE scope can be scoped as needed, most partners will do this in conjunction with customer Supplier Communications Supplier Communication Templates

Post Go-Live Activities

  • Measure and monitor
  • Create triggers and opportunities
    Presentation on activities
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