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2.5 Conduct ARB 1


Architecture Review Board 1 (ARB 1)  is an essential toll gate that is required to take place prior to completion of business process and integrations design and request for customer's design sign off. It allows opportunity for partners and PS project team to align on overall architecture and gather feedback from ARB board that includes experience and leadership from solution architecture, technical services and executive sponsor teams. For partner-led projects an internal architecture review is held between Coupa architects supporting the project and ARB Board.  All identified open items and areas that need further review are shared with partner to have follow up partner led ARB presentation concentrate on these topics.   Any design change feedback from ARB board needs to be documented as open design item and tracked to a resolution prior to business process and integrations design sign off.


Activity Key Inputs Roles & Responsibilities Deliverables Supporting Documents

Draft ARB deck




  • Partner drafts ARB deck for partner led projects
Completed ARB Deck ARB Deck
All teams review ARB deck in preparation for ARB Board Review  
  • Partner reviews ARB deck with Coupa PS, TS and SE project teams 
  • Coupa PS,TS and SE project teams gain full understanding of architecture
Heat Maps updated based on review Heat Maps
Document architecture in internal project wiki site  
  • SA and TS document architecture
Project site with documented architecture design Project Site
Schedule and present to ARB Board  
  • SA and TS architects  lead internal architecture presentation
  • Partner leads follow up ARB and focuses presentation on open and risk areas that had come out of design and internal architecture reviews
  • Separate Partner Led ARB to be scheduled for Functional vs Technical Integrations Review on Enterprise accounts
ARB Board Review Completed  
Document ARB Board feedback as open items  
  • PS Engagement Manager documents open items via updated Heat Maps documents and tracks with partner in open items tracker
Feedback documented in updated Heat Maps document Heat Maps
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